RLA Insights, home to the RLA's Research, analysis and reports on the private rented sector and landlords

Our Research

The purpose of RLA Insights is to understand the economic, social, and political issues facing the private rented sector (PRS). We aim to inform, develop and promote policies that help to make renting better.

We provide high-quality research and through our reports, surveys, briefings, and events, RLA Insights provides the opportunity for evidence led policy making in the PRS.

RLA Insights aims to make an important contribution to the policies that affect the PRS. We believe it is important that policy makers consider the evidence and the potential consequences in their decision making. We seek to influence decision makers in order to translate our research findings into an improved renting experience for landlords and tenants.

Our research seeks to contribute to our understanding of the PRS. We believe that excellent research and the platform for informed debate must include a cross-section of views and opinions. Therefore, we have built innovative partnerships with academics and other groups to work together for the improvement of the sector.

Our Research Activities

We conduct and commission research across the spectrum of issues affecting landlords, including tax changes, long term tenancies, universal credit, and homelessness.

Our internal and external research can help to spark debate, provide evidence for policy decisions, and shape the sector as a whole. You can find details on each of the research themes below:

Our Latest Research Updates