Government reshuffles: Prisk sacked as housing minister, Dromey becomes shadow police minister

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Housing is set to have a new Minister after Mark Prisk MP has stepped down little more than 12 months in the role…

Housing is set to have new political and policy makers after Mark Prisk and Jack Dromey both left their posts as the respective housing and shadow housing ministers in Government reshuffles.

Mr. Prisk (above) was sacked from his role as the housing minister, having been asked to step down by the Prime Minister. Mr Prisk took to Twitter to announce his departure. In a ‘tweet’ Mr Prisk has said “Been asked to step aside from Housing for a younger generation. Disappointing but it’s been a great eleven years on [frontbench].”

The news has come as a disappointment to the RLA, which has enjoyed a good relationship with Mr Prisk. As a former chartered surveyor, Mr. Prisk had an excellent understanding of the housing sector, and he had acknowledged the RLA and the difficulties for landlords created by the Superstrike court judgement, but also injected millions of pounds into the private rented sector (PRS).

With the departure of Mr Prisk the RLA are keenly awaiting the announcement of his replacement, and are already considering what topics to consider at the earliest possible meeting with the incoming Minister.

Early suggestions include hot topics such as:

  • Tenancy reform
  • Index linking rents
  • Article 4 Directions
  • Small plots

Jack Dromey, the shadow housing minister, became the new shadow minister for the police, on a day of reshuffles by all three major parties. Mr. Dromey has been replaced by Emma Reynolds. Mr. Dromey was a popular figure in the housing sector, having mastered his brief and offered full and thoughtful consideration to all aspects of the housing debate.

RLA Chairman Alan Ward has written to both Mr. Prisk and Mr. Dromey expressing his thanks to them both for their wholehearted commitment to the private rented sector.

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