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A member has posed a question to the RLA, which basically asked about recent campaigning success. RLA Chairman Alan Ward has provided a response…

A member recently posed a question to the RLA, asking about campaigning success. Here, RLA Chairman Alan Ward provides his response.

“Our lobbying and representation on behalf of landlords has never been stronger – following a frank meeting with government minister Mark Harper a week ago we had a letter from him to say he would make an amendment to the Immigration Bill – this success alone will ensure you are able to continue collecting rent or regaining possession should you not carry out the correct procedures for checking tenants after next April.

Welsh government will bring in registration of landlords and property licensing – depending on the next general election this could be a precursor to changes throughout England. RLA is lobbying hard to ensure the policy is fair and not unreasonable. In the world of politics, total opposition is not always possible.

At council level we oppose every selective licensing scheme – and occasionally find success, as in Bournemouth where the decision was made not to go ahead. And Manchester has not renewed its scheme. We are working with more than 130 councils to improve landlord communications – you can select whose messages you receive through your RLA member profile.

RLA has been working across the industry to resolve the legal mess resulting from the Superstrike decision about deposits taken before April 2007. We are pressing DCLG for early legislation.

Universal Credit forms a major part of our work. We continue to press DWP to give information to landlords about the progress of claims; the trigger point (as it is called) for switchback (direct-payment) of claims underpaid; their definition of arrears.

Last week we published a report by Prof Michael Ball on Longer Tenancies – countering Shelter’s proposal for a 5 year tenancy in which landlords would only get two months’ notice from tenants. Another report is due from prof Ball on the impact of PRS regulation.

We are also dealing with DECC with the mess around Green Deal and especially the Consumer Credit Act, which currently means landlords have to sign up then transfer to a tenant. We shall shortly offer access to ECO deals.

RLA held four fringe events at the Labour and Conservative party conferences this year – reaching out to the political activists and other lobby groups. RLA also provides the secretariat for the influential All Party Parliamentary Group for the PRS at Westminster

Training is a subsidised service for members – and part of our policy to ensure you are kept up to date with the ever changing levels of regulation. The range of courses is extending and reflects the problems identified through the RLA much-praised help line.

And unless we offered services, from insurance and mortgages, to all those advertised on our web-pages and in RPI the magazine, which help to pay for this incredible range of work, the RLA subscription would not be such terrific value.

I hope this persuades you that far from being overly commercial, RLA is the strongest group representing landlords nationally, regionally and locally. Further details are updated regularly on the RLA news hub.”

Alan Ward, chairman, RLA

If there are any areas you think that the RLA should be aware of, please let us know. You can email us on campaigns@rla.org.uk or call into the office.

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