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RLA forces redraft of Hyndburn selective licensing scheme

The RLA’s ‘very constructive’ and ‘helpful’ response to Hyndburn’s selective licensing scheme consultation has forced the local authority to rethink its proposals.

In a letter to the RLA, Hyndburn has promised to follow through some of the RLA’s recommendations in a revised scheme proposal, including:

  • Details of appropriate comparable areas and rental values, as agreed with local landlords.
  • Use of a CIPF toolkit to revise impact on rental yields to 1/3 per cent.
  • Provide clearer outcomes and monitoring targets.
  • Provide a better breakdown of costs.
  • Address the risk of displacement of tenants and landlords.
  • Review the conditions of license.
  • Consider training as a condition of license.
  • Provide more specific information about the regeneration work that will be achieved from a selective licensing scheme.

At the time of writing, the decision to proceed with a revised scheme was to be debated by Hyndburn’s cabinet (on the 1st August). The outcome of the meeting will be reported in the August edition of RLA News.

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