RLA launches London Mayoral Election Manifesto

Sally Walmsley
Written by Sally Walmsley
The Residential Landlords Association has launched its London Mayoral Manifesto.

The Landlords4London document outlines what the RLA believes should be priorities for the successful candidate in terms of supporting the Private Rented Sector, focusing on discouraging rent controls, encouraging better enforcement, boosting supply, introducing flexible tenancies and addressing ‘buy-to-leave’.

The RLA is hitting the campaign trail in London ahead of the mayoral election on May 5, lobbying candidates on all these issues.

It is opposing rent controls on the basis they will reduce the supply and quality of private rented accommodation and encouraging the successful candidate to look at better enforcing existing legislation to tackle criminal landlords – rather than introducing new controls.

The association also wants the new Mayor to commit to encouraging investment in the Private Rented Sector as well as the introduction of flexible tenancies and a crackdown on the buy-to-leave landlords who are putting extra strain on the housing market in London.

Alan Ward, RLA Chairman said: “The Private Rented Sector is a vital provider of housing in the capital, with a huge shortfall in the social housing offer and spiralling house prices.

“After the hammering buy-to let landlords have taken at the hands of the chancellor we want the successful mayoral candidate to recognise the essential role these landlords play in tackling London’s housing crisis.”

To visit the RLA election website click here.

visit here read more about the manifesto

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