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Matthew Davies
Written by Matthew Davies

The RLA’s new website will launch on Monday, July 11th

The site, which will go live at around midday, will be accessible from any device, whether a desktop PC, laptop, tablet, phablet or smart phone, so no matter what you want to see, you can view it anywhere.

The website  promises to be easier to navigate and easier to read, with updates to the guides and documents sections. You can now browse documents and guides together in one place, or alternatively perform a search and filter results based on documents, guides or both.

It has  has a cleaner look and feel, making it easier to find and read the information you need with work also done to the forums section – making them much easier to use on a mobile device.

Without compromising the structure and content of the existing site the RLA has removed the clutter and streamlined the experience. By highlighting the essentials and focussing on the  most popular features it’ll be much easier to find and read the information you need.

The association has worked with members on the design and development of the new site, which will be available at the same address,

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Matthew Davies

Matthew Davies

Matt is the Senior Brand and Content Executive for the RLA. With a degree in Interactive Media and a Masters in Design and Art Direction, Matt is responsible at the RLA for branding, design, video and the RLA's Content Strategy.

An internationally-published journalist, with previous roles in PR and Advertising, Matt is always looking to create new and interesting content for our audience and to innovate in our communication and interaction with the wider PRS. Drop him a tweet at @rla_news and like us over at

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