RLA meeting with Housing Minister

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Housing minister Brandon Lewis and RLA chair Alan Ward in Westminster, to discuss RLA proposals for the PRS.

Housing minister Brandon Lewis and RLA chair Alan Ward met yesterday (June 30) in Westminster,  to discuss RLA proposals for the PRS.

Together with DCLG officials, discussions included RLA’s proposal to amend council tax registration to identify rogue landlords and measures to reduce the volume of paper used serving prescribed information for deposits.

The minister outlined government’s housing timetable, including its proposal earlier this year to allow subletting which may not now come forward until the next session of Parliament after May 2016.

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  • Anything which can be done to save trees, by cutting down on the amount of pages of Prescribed Information provided by landlords to new tenants, in relation to custodial deposit schemes, must be investigated.

    I’ve just had confirmation from the DPS that I must serve the 5 page Prescribed Notice, plus a further 18 pages of Terms & Conditions for each new tenancy I set up
    I also am required to retain a signed copy for myself, meaning that 46 pages of A4 paper need to be generated for every new tenancy, where the deposit is being held under the DPS Custodial scheme!

    Surely this is bureaucracy gone mad?

    • James, the DPS Prescribed Info has so much wasted space and duplication with the Tenancy Agreement so I condensed it down to 1 page. I attach it to the Tenancy Agreement and refer to the TA clause where info required is duplicated in the TA. I also just print the 4 pages of the T&C’s the rest is previous revisions which a tenant does not require. Hope that helps.

  • MyDeposits has one 2 sided page for the certificate and one 2 sided page of prescribed information. Guess which deposit scheme I use.

  • After reading James Fox’s comments and Colin’s comments above convinces me again that I did the right thing to move away from the DPS and join the myDeposits scheme.

  • So the Housing Minister came to visit before the Budget and told the RLA nothing about the plan to decimate the sector the following week with the proposal not to allow landlords to claim all their mortgage interest costs – the biggest attack on landlords in a generation, or even ever! One which means that we are to be taxed on costs, regardless of profit. It’s an outrageous discriminatory attack on landlords who do not have their properties in a limited company – and is grossly unfair. I’ve been writing to the Chancellor, to ‘business’ Ministers, to the IFS, but I’m tearing my hair out to see nothing happening from the RLA end. Please can someone tell me I’m wrong and the RLA is working hard with their networks to get this overturned before it gets Royal Assent ‘in the autumn,’ whenever that is.
    Come on RLA! You have to stand up for landlords in our moment of need! What are you doing? I’m waiting for an email from you with the plan of action.

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