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RLA policy director addresses Tenant Tax Summit

Sally Walmsley
Written by Sally Walmsley

RLA policy director David Smith told last week’s Tenant Tax Summit that high level political campaigning in the fight against MIR cuts is showing results.

The meeting was organised by landlords Steve Bolton and Chris Cooper who are campaigning for a judicial review into George Osborne’s proposals to limit tax exemptions for landlords to the basic rate of tax.

While backing the campaign financially and with legal support and research work, the RLA is also beginning to build up support among backbench Tory MPs.

In his speech to the summit in Central London Dr Smith branded the proposed cuts ‘anti-Conservative’, but said that the tide is turning – with Conservative members becoming more and more vocal in their opposition to the plans.

He said: “A large number of backbench MPs have started to wake up to this issue and realise that it is not actually a very Conservative policy. It is somewhat anti-Conservative to tax small businesses, especially when large corporations are not being taxed.

“It has been very difficult to get members to speak out aggressively and break ranks. However, there is some movement on this.

“There is a slow level of interest among backbench MPs. We think this is particularly important as it is possible by the end of June the Chancellor may have different views about his future political career and feel in need to garner more backbench MP support than he perhaps enjoys at the moment.”

Campaigners are hoping to raise £250,000 to fund the judicial review – with a decision on whether it can progress expected later this month.

Dr Smith was interviewed by Property Tribes’ Vanessa Warwick at the summit.

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