RLA responds to Camden proposals to manage HMOs with additional licensing

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The RLA has submitted an objection to London Borough of Camden’s – Proposed Additional Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licensing Scheme for all Wards.

The RLA has submitted an objection to London Borough of Camden’s – Proposed Additional Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Licensing Scheme for all Wards. 

Camden Council is currently considering responses to their consultation that could see additional HMO licensing introduced in all wards in the borough.

The Council has proposed the designation based on the suggestion that there are certain problems which relate to the supposed poor condition of HMOs such as waste and refuse issues, poor appearance of gardens and poor external appearance of properties. The RLA submitted a response outlining a number of reasons why additional licensing is an ineffective way to tackle some of the problems that the Council are claiming are caused by HMOs.

Above all we have told the Council that we believe that on the evidence provided that such a borough wide scheme would be unjustified and unlawful. We have suggested the Council looks at the alternatives on a voluntary basis, working with all stakeholders, including local residents on an area by area basis to tackle some of the environmental and behaviour problems that they mention.

You can read the full response here.

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  • CAMDEN COUNCIL HMO LICENSING In July 2009 my registration was number
    was352.In November 2014 it is 50,603. Moreover, finding few HMO “Deficiencies”,their EHO labelled every room as having “excess cold” under HHSRS regulations because there were no cavity walls in a solidly built 1888 house and no double glazing.
    This has nothing to do with Camden’s concern for the vulnerable, as their own council tenants, one in West Hampstead and one in Fortune Green, have gone to Highbury Magistrates Court to get damp and mould dealt with after 15 years.

    After continuing threats I have spent £9,000 to completely insulate the the ceilings and walls of the top/attic flat and the rear extension. The latter remained empty for 5 months while I was turned down by one builder after another once they knew that Camden Council was involved.

    I think they said that they have 15 staff in the Environmental Dept. and spend all their time being busy with landlords like me, a 77 year old with just one lovingly cared for property .
    I have read and noted not only RLA’s criticisms but those of a Government paper saying that licensing does NOT achieve anything or reach the rogue landlords but penalises decent landlords, Tenants are bound to suffer higher rents eventually as a result.Eric Pickles is telling Councils to sell their empty properties and use the money for social housing.

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