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Salford: Selective licensing decision delayed as council considers exit strategies and outcomes

A decision by Salford City Council to approve a selective licensing scheme for Langworthy, Weaste and Seedley has been delayed, following a meeting between the RLA and Salford’s assistant mayor.

At the meeting, the RLA highlighted the lack of evidence provided during the consultation period of the success of the previous scheme which lapsed in May. The RLA was concerned that the renewal of the old scheme without any original exit strategy meant the licensing scheme would simply be renewed in the years ahead, without any thought given to abolishing it.

Selective licensing schemes are supposed to provide short-term ‘intensive care’ for local areas, and are not intended as permanent or long-term measures. They can be introduced to tackle either low housing demand or anti-social behaviour.

Despite Salford’s stated purpose to tackle low demand, the proposals did not include any information on the outcomes expected at the end life of the scheme, nor an exit strategy for the area after the licensing scheme comes to an end.

At the meeting, it was pointed out that a simple step Salford could have taken was to allow licensed landlords to join the council’s successful accreditation scheme for free, so that interaction between council and landlords could have continued beyond the life of the scheme. This was not included in Salford’s proposals.

A decision should have been made on the 23rd October, but this has now been suspended further to Salford considering the matter of exit strategies and outcomes further.

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