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Section 21: Read Helen’s story

Helen Romero is a landlord in Barnet, London.

Here, Helen explains how she relied on being able to use a Section 21 notice when a tenant trashed one of her properties, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Helen has been a landlord for five and a half years, and in that time, she has never experienced a situation quite as bad a what she discovered earlier this year at her property.

Helen Romero

She says she first noticed something was not quite right at the property, when her tenant was being un-cooperative and refusing to let her in to carry out inspections.

When Helen was eventually given permission to inspect the property, she was horrified to discover that it had been completely trashed. This was made all the more devastating because prior to these tenants moving in to the property, the carpet and kitchen were brand new. Part of one of the carpets had been destroyed, and the kitchen floor was filthy-with the drawers either missing or smashed in.

Trashed kitchen: Helen’s tenants caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

Overall, the tenant caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage, and Helen was concerned that even more damage to the property could be done, so she made the decision to gain possession of her property.

“Section 21 proved to be a very useful tool for me when I needed to get my property back quickly when a tenant had completely trashed the place”, says Helen. “After several months I’d had enough. I was left with no choice but to serve a Section 21 notice”.

Once she had served notice on the tenant, the whole process was quite quick and she was able to get her property back and begin work to sort out the damage that was done.

Broken: The kitchen drawers all needed replacing

“Thankfully I was able to gain possession of the property in a few months using Section 21, and this meant I was able start putting things right again at the property and promptly find a new tenant to live there.”, she says, adding:

“I can imagine if Section 21 didn’t exist, it would have taken a lot longer for me to get my property back”.

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