Section 21: RLA research in new Commons report

Sally Walmsley
Written by Sally Walmsley

RLA research looking at Section 21 repossessions has been quoted extensively in a new report by the House of Commons Library.

The Commons Library has published a paper providing background on the use of Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988 to gain repossession, and the government’s plans to abolish it. 

Ministers announced the controversial proposals on April 15 this year, and within days the RLA had launched a comprehensive survey of members asking for their experiences.

A record number responded – more than 6,500 – with 46% saying they planned to sell if the government went ahead with its plan. 

The RLA has been clear in its position from the start; the government must ensure landlords are able to quickly and easily get back their property in legitimate circumstances, such as rent arrears, anti-social behaviour, or if they want to sell.   

It has also stressed that any mechanism to provide this confidence – for example a reformed and improved court system or strengthened Section 8 grounds – must be given time to bed in BEFORE any moves to axe Section 21.

The report outlines this position in its summary and goes on quote statistics from the research findings, as well as detailing the reasons landlords use Section 21 as an alternative to the Section 8 grounds-based possession process, according to RLA members who responded.

The government’s official consultation was launched in July and will run until October 12. You can read the RLA’s draft submission here.

The RLA is encouraging members to respond to the consultation and contact their MPs to discuss the impact the government’s plan would have on them and their business.

To read the Commons Library report in full click here.

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  • The RLA is asking members to write to their MPs to tell them the impact changes will have on them and their businesses. Read more and send your own letter here.
  • In the wake of the announcement Housing Minister Heather Wheeler wrote exclusively for RLA magazine Residential Property Investor, vowing to work with the association to develop a possession process that works for all. Read what she had to say here.

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  • Landlords Do Not Want To Evict Tenants ! Obviously ! There are mortgages to be paid and it’s called a Buisness , having several rental properties I can tell you many tenants know the system and how to breach it , months of unpaid rent and vandalism not withstanding the nuisance to other residents . The legal system is set up for this behaviour without consequences to the tenant !! Other than the government/ council now deciding they wish to be the landlords which is why they have been grabbing back the social housing they sold off at under market value !!

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