Section 21s after October 1st 2015 – RLA FAQ Guide

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As of October 1st 2015, landlords will face a number of changes relating to service of Section 21s. To help keep landlords up to date with all these changes this guide provides answers to the most frequently asked questions around serving a Section 21 notice after the Deregulation Act.

It is important to note the time limit on Section 21’s, we want to remind landlords/letting agents that they can’t serve a Section 21 in the first 4 months.

You can view the guide by clicking here: Section 21s after October 1st 2015 – Frequently Asked Questions

The guide will give you information about things such as: notice periods, how long Section 21 notices will last, what you will need to serve a valid section 21, damage claims, and other requirements from Government.

The RLA will be providing new Section 21 forms for members from 1st October onwards. The RLA is working hard to get Government to acknowledge serious errors in the regulation and change before the 1st October publication date.

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  • I was about to issue a section 21 this week – would I be better leaving it to after October 1st to ensure I meet the necessary requirements?

  • The Regulation only applies to tenancies created on or after 1 October, so assuming the tenancy you wish to terminate must have started prior to that date (obviously), you should use the old section 21 procedure i.e. without all the new hoops.

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