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Selective Licensing: coming to an area near you?

Written by RLA

Private landlords in Salford, West Lindsey, and Doncaster should be aware that areas near them are being considered for selective licensing schemes. The RLA is responding to all of these proposals and hope that local landlords will engage their councils.

Private landlords in Salford, West Lindsey, and Doncaster should be aware that areas near them are being considered for selective licensing schemes. The RLA is responding to all of these proposals and hope that local landlords will engage their councils.

Selective Licensing requires private landlords who fall into a ‘designated’ area to apply for a licence for each property in the area.  Regardless of how long you have been renting out your properties you will be required to apply for a licence. Selective Licensing has been popular with local councils after implementation in the London Borough of Newham. Many of the schemes are founded on the basis of lowering the level of anti-social behaviour (ASB) incidents; poor property management; environmental concerns (e.g., fly tipping); and empty properties. The RLA is generally against selective licensing and responds to all consultations the policy team is aware of. It is interesting that councils still use ASB as a basis for proposals even after the House of Commons suggested that landlords are not responsible for their tenants’ behaviours. Below is a brief description of where proposed designated areas – or ‘wards’ as they are often referred to – will be and how the public can respond. Landlords, tenants, and property owners are encouraged to respond. Salford – 25th August deadline Salford council are looking to implement selective licensing in parts of the Barton and Eccles area of the city. Various areas of Salford are already under mandatory licensing. For more information you can visit the Salford landlord licensing page here. If you are a landlord in the Salford area and would like to respond you can find detailed information on the council website:

The page includes maps of the proposed designated area, licensing conditions, and a questionnaire ostensibly giving landlords the opportunity to feedback. The consultation closes on Bank holiday Monday 25th August. West Lindsey – 1st September deadline West Lindsey in Lincolnshire is considering a licensing scheme for the South West Ward of Gainsborough.

For more information regarding the scheme proposals please visit the West Lindsey Selective Licensing scheme page. The deadline to respond to the consultation is Monday 1st September. Doncaster – 25th September deadline Doncaster Council is running a consultation to implement Selective Licensing in the area of Hexthorpe. The council is asking private landlords to respond to the consultation proposals. Visit the Doncaster council Selective Licensing webpage here. The Mayor of Doncaster wrote a letter to all private landlords outlining the rationale and his support for selective licensing scheme to be implemented in parts of Doncaster.

The consultation closes on Sunday 21st September. Notes The RLA has been in contact with local landlords from various parts of the country who have undergone, or are currently part of the consultation process and would urge all concerned private renting professionals to engage with the process. It has been shown in Milton Keynes and most recently Hyndburn that local landlords engaging with the council can make a significant difference to local councils re-considering schemes.

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  • Hartlepool council are going to, sorry are consulting upon proposals to, expand their trial scheme into larger areas of the town. Cost to landlords £600 per property!

  • The HBC website allows on line comments on the scheme but only from residents of the proposed areas. HBC are good at this. I lost two properties to compulsory purchase after the council surveyed residents of the street to see if they wanted to be rehoused and compensated if they supported the compulsory purchase scheme. Home owners in the area said no but tenants said yes. The bulldozers were soon moving in!

  • I have just been charged £425.00 by Burnley Council not to mention the time and effort of dealing with their endless forms and demands. This will be a yearly fee to pay indefinitely.

    This is what I have to pay for a small 2 bed terraced house for which I get £360 PCM. I have had the same tenant for over 20 years and she has always been happy with what she pays and the service she gets.

    What do I get out of it? Nothing. This is an aggressive taxation scheme, with threats of imprisonment and very high fines if you don’t comply. The bad landlords will simply ignore the scheme and carry on as they always have, one more law broken won’t bother them. Will the Council chase the bad Landlords? No, they just want to take from the honest law abiding ones. Another easy money scheme for Councils, about as credible as their aggressive parking fine extortion rackets.

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