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Stockport: Council tax consultation

Stockport Council is the latest local authority to undertake a council tax consultation.

The Government will introduce new legislation from 1st April 2013 which allows councils the freedom to set their own council tax discount scheme for unoccupied and furnished properties classed as second homes and unoccupied and unfurnished properties.

Stockport has started to look at changes that need to be made to council tax discounts and exemptions in light of the reductions in the funding available.

The council plans to find £1.2million by introducing a council tax support scheme to replace the current council tax benefit scheme and a further £1.2million by making changes to council tax discounts.

Stockport has identified a draft council tax discount scheme for the borough Stockport which will affect council tax payers who currently have discounts for:

  • Second homes – unoccupied/furnished properties;
  • Empty, unfurnished properties – including those undergoing renovation; and,
  • Long term empty properties.

Please complete the Council Tax Discount questionnaire by 19th November 2012.

For further information please click here.

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