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Success as Telford rejects Selective Licensing following consultation

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

Telford and Wrekin Council has rejected plans to introduce Selective Licensing in some areas of the town.

The decision was taken by the council to scrap the plans following a consultation that attracted over 900 responses, including a response from the RLA which can be read here. It was the most number of responses that the council has ever received on a consultation.

Under the original plans, private landlords in some areas of Telford would have been required to obtain a five year license before renting out their properties.

However, due to the large scale opposition to the plans in the consultation responses, landlords in Telford will no longer be expected to do this.

As an alternative to Selective Licensing, the Council plans to implement a ‘Better Homes for All’ package, which it is hoped will help to tackle the issue of criminal landlords offering unfit private rented housing.

These plans have been drawn up, and Telford and Wreakin Council are recommending that the Council’s cabinet approve these plans, when it meets this Thursday.

The decision taken by the Council to reject Selective Licensing marks the second case in just three months that a council has rejected such plans, on the basis of consultation responses.

In November last year, Bournemouth Council rejected plans to introduce Selective Licensing in the town, after taking on board concerns raised by local residents.

The RLA is opposed to Selective Licensing, because it believes that it penalized honest, law abiding landlords who are forced to pay for expensive licenses just to rent their properties out, while criminal landlords, those that Selective Licensing is trying to target, continue to operate below the radar.

As an alternative to Selective Licensing, the RLA supports the idea of a co-regulation scheme. This would mean that compliant landlords would join such a scheme which deals with standards and complaints in the first instance. Those outside of the scheme would remain under the scope of local authority enforcement.

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