What’s the biggest issue facing the PRS? Anne Rowland of Rent Smart Wales shares her view

Anne Rowland
Written by Anne Rowland

It is less than a week to go until our Future Renting Wales conference, and we’re looking ahead by asking some of the speakers to share what they think is the biggest issue facing the PRS.

Anne Rowland, of Rent Smart Wales will be updating delegates on the progress of the licensing scheme so far, and the future direction of mandatory licensing in Wales.

Here, she shares her thoughts on the state on play of the Welsh PRS.

“The biggest challenge facing the private rented sector is ensuring it is “fit for purpose” as the demands placed on it change to meet the needs of increasingly vulnerable groups.

Appropriate regulatory regimes are essential to ensure that safeguards are in place and that landlords and property managers are properly equipped to face these new challenges. It is heartening to note that in the last two years since the launch of Rent Smart Wales, more than 85,265 landlords have registered, representing 173,636 properties, with 16,700 landlords and 2,640 agents now licensed.

“The majority of landlords and agents in Wales are now compliant with legislation, however there are some who continue to operate illegally. RSW and its partners across the 22 Local Authorities in Wales are working hard to make sure that all landlords and agents comply.

This is important to safeguard tenants and to make sure that there is a level playing field for those operating a business in the sector.

“Enforcement action is now being taken, this includes fixed penalty notices of up to £250 and prosecutions. In addition to enforcement action, rent penalties and restriction on re-possession of property can also become a consequence of non-compliance. The simple message to all those affected is come forward and comply now”

Future Renting Wales is a new, national one day conference for the private rented sector. For the full schedule of the day and to book tickets, please see the RLA website.

About the author

Anne Rowland

Anne Rowland

Anne is an Environmental Health Enforcement Officer with over 10 years' experience in the field inspecting rental properties and enforcing standards of repair. She worked within the Welsh Government on implementation of Part 1 of the Housing (Wales) Act 2014 and now manages the licensing team within Rent Smart Wales.

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  • Name just one benefit that Landlords and/or Tenants have had since they enrolled with RSW. Impossible! Nothing. Landlords have had to spend money which they could have spent on their property/ies, and even the training had many errors in it. No help at all has been given to Landlords, no help with changing laws or clarification on anything at all. Totally disgusted

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