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Watch Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham outline his plans for the PRS

Sally Walmsley
Written by Sally Walmsley

There was a robust exchange between landlords and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham – as he outlined his ideas to improve renting in the region.

Burnham addressed the RLA’s Future Renting North conference in Manchester yesterday with a strongly worded speech denouncing conditions in the region – and vowing to work with landlords to improve them.

Watch the video here:

After he had finished speaking Burnham took questions from the audience – many of whom wanted assurances that tenants too would have to play their part.

One landlord shared her experiences – telling Burnham she had provided debt counselling and other support for a struggling tenant, but was given no help or support herself when it came round to dealing with a drug addicted tenant who was causing problems.

She told him there needs to be support available for good landlords trying to do the right thing by their tenants, with Burnham agreeing that good landlords who need support are entitled to it and should be able to access it.

He was challenged by another landlord who questioned his attitude towards landlords – citing comments he made during his election campaign.

Burnham replied that he has always recognised there are good landlords – but that at present the public has no way of differentiating between the good and the bad – which is why, he says, the Good Landlord Scheme is so vital.

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Sally Walmsley

Sally Walmsley

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  • My first comment is that Burnhams comment re amnesty is not the way of bringing area up and Landlords good or bad are reflected by the area not the other way round.
    His other comment re license again will in the end be paid for by tenant so very unfair- on the whole his speech was full of words but had no meat at all- just basically waffle.

  • No landlord’s association can ever guarantee that none of its members are rogues. However, I do believe that good, professional landlords are more likely to an association such as the NLA or the RLA than the cowboys.

    For this reason, I always advise people considering renting a home to ensure that their landlord is accredited though one or both of these associations.

    I don’t believe a “good landlord” scheme would add value that the RLA and NLA do not. This is especially true if both associations have a policy of expelling members who break the law.

    Where is the “good tenant” scheme that will protect landlords’ properties from the damage caused by bad tenants, and landlords from the consequential financial loss? Much as we would all like it not to be so, there are some people out there who just don’t want to or don’t know how to take care of their home. They are allowed to coast through life, living in squalor of their own making, without any consequences at all!

    Do we need to make accreditation a legal prerequisite for landlords who manage their own properties?

    Do we need a way of “scoring” potential tenants prior to their signing a contract, much like we credit score potential customers for credit?

    Opinions please?

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