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Training update: Safety!

The RLA is pleased to announce important changes to a cornerstone training course of gas, electrical and fire safety…

The RLA is pleased to announce important changes to a cornerstone training course of gas, electrical and fire safety.

Update: Gas, electrical and fire safety course

Health and safety in the private rented sector, particularly around utilities and fire, is one of the areas where the rules and regulations frequently change and the penalties can be serious if something goes wrong.


This course will inform landlords of their rights and responsibilities, the principles of undertaking a risk assessment and how to manage safety in these areas to protect the Tenant, landlord and visitors, and so ensuring they keep within the law.

Suitable for

All Landlords including those with HMOs, agents and staff

Course Content

  • Outline of the law, guidance and best practice documentation available to assist in complying with the law.
  • An outline of the general principles associated with health and safety and risk rating.
  • Do you always need to employ a consultant to carry out an assessment?
    • How often should a risk assessment be carried out?
  • Details of the legislation and recent changes affecting the topics, including the impact of health and safety at work legislation, including changes to Part P.Do all premises need to have an electrical installation inspection?
    • When do electrical appliances need to be inspected – PAT tested?
  • The risks associated with the supply of gas, electricity and water and the specific risks from fire in the PRS.
    • What if the tenant refuses access for gas safety inspections?
    • What are the main electrical hazards associated with rented premises.
  • Practical guidance on how to reduce risks and ensure premises are safe for the occupiers and visitors.
    • What are the common risks associated with gas, electricity and water?
    • What could increase the risk of fire?
    • Do you need to remove all risks?
    • Why have periodic Inspection reports been replaced for electrical installations?


London – Tuesday 8th October

Manchester – Tuesday 15th October

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