Wales: Government on target to deliver 7,500 affordable homes

Housing statistics have revealed that the Welsh Government is on target to meet its target of delivering 7,500 additional affordable homes during the current term.

During 2011/12, 2,489 additional homes, almost a third of the government’s target, were delivered, with 62 per cent of the homes funded with capital grants. 426 of the affordable homes were delivered on land made available by the public sector, around two thirds of which was on land made available by local authorities.

Welsh housing minister, Huw Lewis, said, “This is excellent news. The statistics represent a very strong start towards an ambitious target and clearly demonstrates the commitment we have made to increase the amount of affordable housing available to people who need it.

“However, we know that demand for affordable housing continues to grow and we need to deliver even more homes in future. With tightening budgets, this will prove quite a challenge but we are developing new ways in which we can attract other investment and I look forward to working with local authorities, housing associations and others in the housing sector to keep up the good work we have carried out to date and deliver more homes to help families in Wales.”

Read Mr. Lewis’ comments in full.

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