Welsh building regulations proposals are a ‘recipe for disaster’ – RLA

The proposed changes to Welsh building regulations for new homes are a “recipe for disaster in the current economic climate”, according to the Residential Landlords’ Association.

The claim was made in the RLA’s formal submission, as part of the Welsh Government’s recent consultation on changes to building regulations.

Whilst the RLA agrees that there is a need for more energy efficient properties, the Association believes that the consultation did not tackle the key question; namely, “Will it [the proposed changes] reduce the amount of land being brought forward for development?”

The RLA also questions whether or not the proposals will make building new homes uneconomic and whether or not it will make new homes unaffordable.

The RLA’s response stated, “The Welsh Government proposals are deeply troubling at a time when across the UK there is a need to greatly increase the supply of new housing, as well as kick start the construction industry.

“These proposals, if adopted, would have the opposite effect because they would significantly increase the cost of building a new property. This is based on the Welsh Government’s own figures as put forward in the consultation paper and our own calculations – see below. Housing would, as a result, be even more unaffordable than it is already.”

Read the RLA’s Welsh building regulations consultation response in full.

Visit the RLA Wales website.

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