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Welsh Government proposal to shake up rules around size of student flats

Victoria Barker
Written by Victoria Barker

The Welsh Government has put forward a proposal to shake up the rules around converting unfilled purpose built student accommodation into social housing.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the Housing Minister Julie James AM said that the Welsh Government will shortly launch a consultation on plans to change the rules around space standards in purpose built student accommodation blocks.

In Wales, Council homes have to meet Welsh Government standards, including being built to a minimum size.

Julie James said that changing space standards in student flats would mean that these would meet the requirements for a social housing tenants to live in, if they cannot be filled by students.

Purpose built student flats would be built to the same standards as social housing, and if required these would then be able to be take over by a social landlord and utilized for social housing.

It is hoped that if student flats are not filled, the larger space requirements would mean that social landlords would then be able to take over the flat in order to use it for social housing.

A consultation on the plans is due to be launched and the RLA will update members when it is.

Student Accommodation Supplementary Planning Guidance Consultation

Last year, RLA Wales responded to the above consultation, where the issue of student accommodation was touched upon.

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Victoria Barker

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