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Welsh Housing Bill passed!

Written by RLA

RLA Cymru are advising Landlords with properties in Wales to ‘Get Ready’ as the Welsh Housing Bill is passed by the Assembly.

RLA Cymru is advising Landlords with properties in Wales to ‘Get Ready’ as the Welsh Housing Bill is passed by the Assembly.

On Tuesday 8th July 2014 the Welsh Assembly passed a landmark Bill for Welsh Housing, particularly the Private Rented Sector.

Once the Bill is implemented Welsh Landlords will be required by law to register themselves and their properties, purchase a license and attend training.

RLA Cymru have been working to represent landlord’s interests by lobbying the Welsh Government and meeting with Ministers as this Bill has made its way through the Assembly from day one.We hope that our efforts will result in a more workable scheme for Landlords.

However, we feel the hard work is still to come by ensuring that all Welsh Landlords are fully informed and aware of what the Bill means for them. This is important as once the Bill is implemented in 2015 Landlords could find themselves vulnerable to prosecution.

As of yet the Code of Practice and training aspects of the Bill are yet to be determined. Director for Wales Douglas Haig and the RLA Cymru Policy Team will be representing your views and concerns by feeding into the meetings where the Code of Practice details will be worked out.

Although Landlords may seem disappointed with the extra regulation that they will have to navigate we are strongly recommending that you are as prepared as possible. RLA Cymru will continue to keep you updated with all the changes as they happen to ensure that you are fully aware of key dates for implementation and training and how changes will affect you.

You can find out more about the latest policy changes in Wales here.

If you missed it, read Douglas Haig’s presentation ‘Legal changes (or challenges?) for Landlords in Wales at the Landlords and Lettings show in Cardiff here.

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