What’s the biggest challenge facing the PRS? Leah Whitty shares her view

Leah Whitty
Written by Leah Whitty

We’re looking forward to our Future Renting Wales conference on Thursday, by asking some of the keynote speakers to explain what they think is the biggest challenge facing the PRS.

Here, it’s the turn of Leah Whitty of Cardiff City Council*, who will be giving a talk on Welfare Reform at the conference.

In your personal view, what do you think is the biggest challenge facing the PRS?

“I believe the biggest challenge for the private rented sector in Wales is the affordability of the sector for its citizens.

The cumulative impact of various legislative changes means that the gap between what tenants can afford and what landlords need to charge to ensure financial viability is growing wider and wider.

This is especially true for those tenants who need to access housing support through Universal Credit and Housing Benefit.

The delivery of a services that provide accurate and timely advice and support to tenants AND their landlords so that they are both able to maximise their income and/or benefits is paramount to sustaining  tenancies.

This can only be achieved by establishing credible working relationships between Local Authorities and private landlords”

Future Renting Wales is a new, national one day conference for the private rented sector. For the full schedule of the day and to book tickets, please see the Future Renting website.

*Please note this view is Leah Whitty’s personal viewpoint and does not represent the view of Cardiff City Council.

About the author

Leah Whitty

Leah Whitty

Leah has been the Welfare Reform Manager at Cardiff Council for over 2 years and has held various roles within the Benefit Department of the Local Authority for the last 13 years. She has extensive knowledge and expertise of Housing Benefit, Local Housing Allowance and Universal Credit Housing Cost legislation and is responsible for ensuring the safe implementation of Welfare Reforms in Cardiff including Universal Credit.

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